Blog questions ( I keep my Promises)

1.My eye color: Brown

2.Favorite car: Eww, Hate cars, but if I had to, I’d get a Hybrid.

3.Right-handed or left-handed: Right.

4.Shoes you wore today: Flat Moschinos. I like them because they are green.

5.My fears: Dying and the sun explosion

6.Goal you would like to achieve this year: Get my freaking driving license before I go bats on the DMV

7.Thoughts first waking up: what thoughts? I start working at 9 but I wake up after 12

8.My bedtime: Anytime I can actually make it into bed

9.Pepsi or Coke: I like coffee

10.Single or Group Dates: Oh either, I am not choosy.  I like dating.

11.Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, mmmmm, yum, mmmmm Chocolate.

12.Do you smoke: Socially

13.Do you sing:  Give me a vodka shot and you’ll find out!

14.Have you been in love: I don’t know what you are talking about… 

15.Do you want to get married: Hell yeah, with ring bearers peeing in their pants, drunk uncles making out with my bridesmaids and my white dress rumpled from all the “dancing”. 

16.Do you get along with your parents: Yes, I do. They do the work, I pay the bills and we are all very happy.

17.Do you play a musical instrument: I like to pretend I play the piano

18.Have you smoked in the past months: NO

19:Favorite candy bar: Do not like candy bars. Wish they made steak bars.

20.In the past month have you gone on a date: Yes, I like to snigger at the end of a free meal.

21.When you were little, you use to…acting to be ill, to skip school;)Oh I was so good at it! Still do as a matter of fact. 

22.Ever been called a tease: I try to not tease, because I do not like being teased. But I refuse very gently, so people do confuse  me with a tease.
23.Ever shoplifted: Yep, my beautiful green wallet. Goes with my Moschino shoes.

24.What you want to be when you grow up: I already have big boobs, so I am good.

25.Number of tattoos: None

26.Favorite celebrity: Me
27.All-time favorite sports team: Isn’t sport the thingy on TV where generally grown men hit each-others while chasing a ball?

28.Ideal girlfriend/boyfriend:  Tall, blond, blue eyed, no brains (possibly big boobs) and clever with his/her hands

29.My best friend(s): anyone who can survive my endless complaints about self and my penchants for philosophy after midnight.

30.Do you believe in love at first sight: Yeah… but I also believe in world peace, and fairies.

31.Favorite clothing brand: Anything that gives me a good butt and long legs.

32.Dream vacation: Sunny beach with warm, complacent sea, a cute cabana boy and endless supply of mojitos.

33.Pet peeve: If I came earlier to USA, could have made more money than Britney.

34.My favorite singer: Billie Holiday

35.My favorite movie: There is something about Mary. Saw it on a date, loved the movie, hated the date.

36.Have you ever fired a gun: Yes, but I just closed my eyes and thought of Albania.

37.Do you like answering these questions: Sure I do dude, so go on, ask more.38.Do you like yourself: Eehh

39.I am addicted to…reading and cinnamon Altoids

40.Favorite drink: red wine, but I drink water mostly

41.Do you have a crush on anyone: Not right now, I need time to regroup.

42.Are you ticklish: I am a good actor, so I never let show how much I am affected. P.s. never, ever tickle me if you want to get away with your life.

43.Favorite ice cream flavor: Vanilla cone dipped in fudge.

42.Define yourself in 3 words…Cannot be defined

43.Do you believe in God: Yes, we have daily conversations in which I talk and he nods while reading the newspaper.

44.Favorite day of the week: Saturday

45.Heads or tails: no matter what I choose, it never comes up.
46.Favorite author: Stephen King, Terry Pratchett

.47.What magazines do you read: celebrity gossip, fashion, and sex advice from Cosmo

48.Sweet or sour: sweet and sour (Chinese food baby!!)

49.Favorite chewing gum brand: hate gum, hate hate gum (but when I chew it, its Sugarless Orbit)

50.My hair color: God intended it to be brown, but Blerta intended it to be interesting. Right now is all brown roots, gray strands and reddish tips.

51.Height:1.60 (with heels)

52.My heritage: white Caucasian-Albanian. Periodically have Identity crisis.

53.My weakness: Dark Chocolate

54.My perfect pizza: Everything on it, including anchovies. Hold the pineapple.

55.My most overused phrase on IM: LOL

56.My best physical feature: There is so much to choose from, I am not even going to go there.

57.Do you get motion sickness: whenever I am in motion.

58.McDonald’s or Burger King: Mickie D.

59.Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton

60.Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee, can’t stomach milk.

61.Do you swear: I say: “Shoot!”

62.Do you want to go to college: Yes, please! They have the cutest professors.

63.Do you think you’re attractive: Are you kidding me? I am so hot, I am Al Gore’s next campaign villain. (just avoid me before 12PM)

64.Do you like thunderstorms: Not when I am on a plane.

65.In the past month have you drunk alcohol: Well, they say it is good for the heart.

66.In the past month have you been on drugs: I get high on life, do not need drugs.

67.Favorite cartoon as a child: X-men, Popeye the sailor man, Tom & Jerry

68.Favorite sport: Hauling books around town.

69.In the past month have I been on stage: Yes, in my mind

70.Ever been beaten up: I was the one doing the beating.

71.How you want to die: pass

72.Number of piercings: Ears, and heart.

73.Favorite color: Blue

74.Favorite food dish: Pasta and olives

75.My parents are…in love

76.Do you have children: No but I try to practice making them as often as I can.

77.Do you have pets: I had a  flower but it died from dehydration.

78.Favorite scent: Coco Chanel, Mademoiselle  

79.One time I got drunk and…which time are you talking about?

80.My favorite music genre: got a thing about baroque, do not ask me why.

81.What can’t you live without: a bra

82.My favorite season: summer, hot, sizzling and bright

83.Silver or Gold: can have either or, just give me,don’t be shy!

84.Who was the last person that called you: Who cares, I never answer my phone anyway.

85.Are you a good driver: Let’s see, I know enough not to hit chickens and to always look over my shoulder when backing up.

86.Would you rather be rich or famous: rich is always good

87.When I’m sad or down, I prefer to brood.

88.What is your phone’s current ringtone: some t-mobile jingle, tried Bolero once, but people found it strange.

89.The longest you’ve gone without sleeping: I think two days.

90.What would you do with a million dollars: get married to avoid IRS

91.What makes you laugh: anything except practical jokes. I hate those,

92.Your favorite book: anything by Terry Pratchett.

93.Most embarrassing moment: I am pretty sure you do not have enough RAM for it.

94.Favorite item that you currently own: PC

95.Have you ever moved: oh yeah

96.Kisses or hugs: I like kisses, hugs are for sissies.

97.Are you a very emotional person: Oh yeah, God help anyone caught in the middle of one of my moods.


8 thoughts on “Blog questions ( I keep my Promises)

  1. ah c’ti boj drejtorit un….
    B, fyi, nuk e lexova. Bo vaki neser, pasneser, parsineser… and so on.
    Borxhin e halloween e ke la, sidoqofte. T’kuptohena drejt, domethon. 😉

    ps a ka interrrrrnet connection anej ka sf? bellen pashe qe t’urote rrug te mare….. mo na lej shurdh 😀


  2. Favorite celebrity – Me:)) love it! Thanks for being such a good girl and keeping the promises:))

    p.s. emigrant you still are supose to fill the questionare, try not to avoid pls:))

  3. mos e lexo emigrant se as une nuk e di c’kam thene. po kur jap fjalen, e mbaj lol.
    i’ll have my trusted friend and bedfellow Dell laptop with me, so i think i’ll be able to be online almost nonstop, (to my mother’s chagrin!)

  4. eni thank you girl. if it made you laugh, it was worth it.
    akull and belle, don’t tell anybody i am a good girl. It will spoil my reputation.

  5. B, i meant to say you’re such a naughty girl, but i guess the keyboard messed it up while i was typing it and i didn’t have the nerves to erase it and type it all over:))

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