Hiring Me


It is not as hard as it sounds. Basically, if you are looking for a quality Albanian=English translator, with the best abilities and the most reasonable rates for your projects, that would be me.  My profile is listed with American Translators Associates (of which I am a member). Leaving a message on this page, also works


If you yourself are a new translator, trying to set up your freelance activity or agency, please visit the following websites which i have found very useful:



You can find very valuable information, support from senior members, as well as work, if you pay your fees of if you apply individually with the listed agencies.

Translator’s ToolKit, please click below:

For free simple machine translations on the most spoken languages, please click here:


Thank you for visiting and good luck.


6 thoughts on “Hiring Me

  1. ha ha hiring me ..e forte kjo , por njekohesisht ide e mire per terheqje vemendjeje..si themi ne nga anet tona: shnet e pare:))

  2. hey not to be creepy or anything ..but I was taking a look at your resume (since it’s public ..and I look at resumes everyday) and I’m confused: What is “recreational skills”? — what, you throw a hell-of-a-good picnic?

  3. bik, thank you for your inquiry.
    Yes that is exactly what it means. Time after time I have to put together events, flyers, organize different activities, and in general let people have a good time and socialize, without appearing to do so.
    I have planned and organized picinics in collaboration with other people, and we all enjoyed our time together.
    If you have the same skills, and are looking for a job as a marketing executive or as an interpreting escort, I suggest you list them as well.
    And if you have a job offer for me, list that too.

  4. I don’t know what kind of work you do (outside of translating) but if you have the social skills you say you do — I’d change that resume around and look for jobs with promotions agencies. The best thing about resumes is that you can spin anything any way you want to. …start spinning!

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