I will post things i like here, when I have nothing else to say.

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82 thoughts on “Favorites

  1. Mitrush Kuteli, Ervin Hatibi, Rudian Zekthi, Ilir Belliu (some of his poems), Parid Teferiçi (most of his poems)

  2. I think the taste should be the only criteria for racial profiling, in the case this last one should exist at all…(I would have depicted stupidity as well, but than I would have been included in the undermined class)

  3. This have nothing to do whatsoever with the wonderful text of “in the arms of an old man”. I was just thinking on the veracity of the peach’s phrase.

  4. was at grocery’s today…. at Kroger … for the first time ever stopped by the pie section…. kept on looking at those peaceful round structures, with the slits on their crust showing the sweet inner filling
.. all sorts, peach, apple, blueberry
. side by side
. and suddenly felt a craving for it 
 and thought why cannot everything be as simple and sweet as a pie
. after all who gives a damn on all the rococo of the world when all you need is some pie simplicity and beauty
.. and after that, a nice “goodnight sweetheart” that gives the final touch to happiness 

  5. …specially when it is the sweetheart the realist author of the pie.
    (quite impressed at the “rococo of the world” and the mentioned attitude towards it, wise words)

  6. d, tart as in tart taste that gives babies that horrible expression of face. the “special” meaning is just the icing on the cake i guess. 🙂

    peach, pie is actually one of my favorite things. glad i could give you a “favorite” idea.

    one of my least favorites:

  7. you’re just a beautiful girl, and that’s why it’ll never work, you make me suicidal, lalalalala.
    just like this song, good bootyshaking.

  8. The Sirens of Titan – Kurt Vonnegut

    RidĂ«nimi – Fatos Lubonja

    Sleeping late in the morning on Sundays.

    Braking the crust of the “pastiçe” just out of the oven.

    Fabrizio De Andre.

    Going into the sea in the early morinig, when the water looks almost asleep, but the sun is already up.

    Reading E. M. Remarque when you are 16 or 17.

    Vodka. Mojitos.

    The voice of John Legend (and some of his songs).

    That 1/2 an hour after you get out of the shower, after jogging on a summer afternoon.

    Qafa e Llogarasë.

    You got me inspired, Blete. 🙂

  9. free speech remember?
    just remember no profanity (unless you absolutely have to) and no apologies.
    the rest is just gravy.
    p.s. work has classified me as a serial web-surfer and cannot watch your favorites now.

  10. meqe erdhen punet gjer k’tu, pershndes gjithe njerezit e lumtur, njerezit e palumtur, njerezit qe presin, qe durojne, qe ngecin, njerezit qe s’kane folje, ose kane folje te gabuara/keqkuptuara etj etj, pershendes ata qe zgjohen heret, Bleten dhe Gilbert Grape, George Washington Alia, macen time Qeshire, me kete ketu: http://youtube.com/watch?v=XxOqE1bEA_Q

  11. ah and you do this while i am at work and i can’t check a thing. I thank you patrokli and man o’anyway.
    i love male ballerinas and kung fu fighters. there is a lot of grace in there that is all male and cannot be found anywhere else. but of course, if you take them out of their element, they will look strange.
    did not know Bowie is a ballerina. He is interesting anyway.

  12. O man, unĂ« ta var sistematikisht kur t’bohesh monogam ene t’vish te blogu im, me i tuf lule dhe me i unazĂ« t’vizllushme dhe tĂ« m’thush: o zjermo, u dogja mo keq se ti, mi ke marrĂ« sytĂ«, s’po shof dot as kamarjeren e kafes poshtĂ« pallatit qĂ« t’i kĂ«rkoj i kafe…etj. Qashtu posi. Deri atĂ«here, prit kur t’lirohem nga gamorĂ«t dhe nga shokĂ«t e tyne. Po po t’isha polifemnore, s’do kisha pasĂ« asigjo kundĂ«r BletĂ«s si shemĂ«r.:)
    Kapeni kte, se unë shkova me lujt me top:

  13. po mir mi, unĂ« kujtova se ishe dakord ti…:P
    po pastaj, sa t’vijĂ« moni nga nji cep i atllantikut te tjetri, osht purifiku shpirtnisht, se te njoni t’ka harru ty, te tjetri mu, e ku ka harresĂ«, ka bollĂ«k, thotĂ« populli.:)))

  14. epo kjo pike e zeze, ta vjedhin burrin mu nen hunde ketu. hajt mo per hajer. une nuk jom rob gellos, jom rob libero attachment. vecse na ftoni n’dasem se vdes me lujt tallaferet.

  15. lol aklli
    s’i shof dot vidiot se na ka burgos ky xhaxhi puna.
    Po hallall mo, po e pranojme shumenuseshine. prejt teje vetem amo.

  16. u bofshin lomsh ata qĂ« t’kanĂ« burgosĂ« ty, o B, qĂ« e ke shpirtin sa atllantiku vetĂ«!:)

    ja dhe njĂ« qĂ« tĂ« prekĂ«sh nostalgjinĂ« kur tĂ« kesh nge, se unĂ« shkova tĂ« ushqej kĂ«rriçat…(ti man mund ta prekĂ«sh dhe tani)

  17. Ja! Te lumte. Tashi u bone intersOnt sa duhet mono. Kshu pra. Ajt shnet e pare mono, ene na boj vizite her pas here..

  18. Bee! I’m Expecting You

    Bee! I’m expecting you!
    Was saying yesterday
    To someone you know
    That you were due.

    The frogs got home last week,
    Are settled, and at work;
    Birds, mostly back,
    The clover warm and thick.

    You’ll get my letter by
    The seventeenth; reply
    Or better, be with me,
    Yours, Fly.

    Emily Dickinson

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