Albanian Film Festival In New York and Boston

All good things come to an end, including this festival. I was part of the volunteer crew that helped with putting it together, marketing, finding funds, networking and putting out little Albanian fires. I am grateful for the opportunity, proud to participate and totally exhausted in a good way.
In its third edition, the Albanian Film Festival once again charmed foreigners with discerning taste, made new Albophiles and brought a piece of home to us, the fast living Albanian immigrants here in New York. I was lucky to meet many talented actors and directors, catch up with a few friends and otherwise be a part of a good thing that brought pleasure to the lives of its participants.
People came in and brought their kids. They filled the seats, took pictures with the cast and crew, hung around with each-other and had a window into an art form they usually don’t pay attention to at all. I was grateful to see them pouring into halls and representing. (Yes i am all gushy today)
The films were something we don’t see every day. I am sorry for the ones who did not get selected (better luck next year), and the ones who did not participate (another missed opportunity) and I am happy for my friend Roland Uruci who won a financing for his next film with the best script in competition. I know he’s going to do great things with the money because I know first hand of his dedication, talent and inspiring ways. Look him up and come to the screenings in NYC for the next film festival and you’ll see what I am talking about.
I am happy there were comedies this year. I love it that Albanians finally dared to make people laugh on screen, without feeling the need to be depressed, interesting or subversive. I hope it continues.
The Festival will continue in Boston for two nights so drop in and support, while feeling a little more proud of the talent touching your lives.
Enjoy your popcorn!


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