Extermination of unnecessary demons

I am not pretty but you make me gorgeous,
when you drag your lover from the innocence of my eyes
to the murky soup brewing behind yours
I am not important but you raise my pedestal
when you try to knock it as a precautionary measure
breaking your fist in the cold stones
I am not hurt, simply bewildered
When you wage a storm in a teacup
trying to dissipate my amused soul.


God gives me a medium dish.
He does not think I can handle spice.
Who am I to contradict him. Spice burns in and out.
Spice bothers the palate and incites memory riots.
God is generous and all-seeing.
He does not want me to burn my butt.
I think my butt is intended for greater things.
Otherwise it would not be so big.
God made this medium dish so that I may eat it and be sated.
He knows I can’t stop at just a nugget of taste, no matter how concentrated.
I must have the whole world.
God created the world for Himself.
He keeps me sated so I don’t eat the world.
He expands my butt as he expands my brain.
God loves me because he made me too. All the B-s.
So God serves me his medium dish. I eat it and I am sated.
I bow my head in prayer and give thanks.
God acknowledges it with a quick bowel movement
and my butt is that much smaller.
I prostate again.
To God.

You look at me with eyes of hope

You want validation, understanding

a hand, a smile, a toenail to justify your life

You care only if I care that you care

You ask for devotion, respect

love never felt in romance books

You are the white horseman,

the dark angel you come

to bring the tidings I must be waiting for

all my modest life,

You are the burden to bend me at the waist,

you yearn for my open-eyed wonder

It must be for you, only for you

No reason, you say

yet you demand

and I let you.





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