“nice guys” finish last

Interesting…And yes, I will try to keep my resolutions this year

celluloid blonde

The article I’m about to point you to, 6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person, really needs to be circulated, and circulated widely, for the benefit of men.  I say “for men” because most women don’t actually need to hear it.  Women, in general, have known for centuries you need to bring skills to a relationship.  Those skills can be anything from cooking well to cleaning house well to raising children well to looking great to giving a really good blowjob, but when push comes to shove, those are all skills, and women have them, work at them, and know you have to have them.

The people who don’t appear to know you need to have them are men.  Which is why you don’t see a bunch of women sitting around whining about how men don’t date nice women — but you see a crapload of guys…

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One thought on ““nice guys” finish last

  1. ok, a lot of his references i don’t know about so i need a little more background/info, but to me, he has taken the pot of water to boil and has not turned on the stove. the ingredients for the soup are all there, the nuts and bolts, the gasoline, the brussels sprouts the pencil case and the thong, but who the bleep is going to eat that soup? basically, his ideas are full of bleep because they are mixed with really good points that have been inappropriately prepared, so it becomes frustrating that ultimately people might be misled if they weren’t actually run around in circles instead.

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