Girls shall wear lipstick
every blessed day
the brighter the better
to lead you astray

Girls shall shave their legs
and their armpits too
most sinuous skin
displayed just for you

Girls shall rein their brains
their tongues as well
exactly choreographed
to caress your shell

Girls shall be teetering
feet in sheaths of pain
to incite your pleasure
your love to gain

Girls shall be mothers
and grandmothers too
forever and ever
so grateful to you


One thought on “Girls

  1. Some might consider this controversial, but that’s what we’ve come to expect from your work 🙂 I think this is one view of girls. I feel we’re also now expected to work and work hard and well. If you care to, I feel this can be expanded, because as a fellow woman I know there is so much more that’s expected from us than simply being sexy and accommodating.

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