Flag month in NYC

We all know November is flag month. The upcoming weekend has some exciting activities happening in New York for Albanian-Americans. Or Albanians, or Americans. Or Albo, Shqipe, Gringo, Yankee, whatever. Just read below and show up. Your support is needed.
Gala is on Friday, and “my” film, the Superintendent is being screened at Producers Club, Saturday Afternoon November 9.
Free: Jeton Neziraj’s drama
will be staged in NYC November 7 and 9 (click the link for more info). The author will be on hand for Q & A.
Free: The very talented and published poet Lediana Stillo will be holding a poetry reading in Albanian of her latest book at Producers Club in Manhattan on Saturday at 6.
Not free: Albanian Folk Festival is being organized for November at Lehman College Auditorium, but I can’t find any info online so far. Once I do, I will post it for you.
Furthermore, November is THE month for most red & black Albanian Parties.
Most are listed at
I am planning to go to Albanian Roots event on November 28.
I will try and keep interested parties updated since I am going back to gossip mode (someone told me to give up poetry, and they are not far wrong).
If you need info for a particular event and are too lazy to Google, contact me here and I will get back to you.


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