What do you do,

when you do

how you do

this thing

What do you say

when you say

how you say

this stings

What does it matter

when it does

how it goes

this fling


A kiss, for nothing is sweeter

than your lips

waiting for the light to change

A dance, for nothing is hotter

than your body

breaking into my song

A heart for nothing is worse

than my empty chest

trying to thump to your drum

before the dawn.


She asks all the right questions

reads the right magazines

and shaves the way the hair grows

She rebels as much as TV allows

and knows all about positions

of power and poise

She is hood when hood is approved

and lovely when the sun shines

behind huge sunglasses

She dances in the rain but

keeps the towel near

and a change of clothes

She is convention in dangerous heels

the one who walks in beauty

but never falls in doubt


I truly want to take your eyes

and see the love

that escapes through my confused eyelashes

I want to get in between your lips

and try her kisses

that set your world on fire

I want to be the soles

of her patent stilettos

circling your thigh under the table

I want to be but I drink instead

because I finally realize

I can’t have you



We need a corner of the world

to be safe in

a little sunshine patch

to let our curly hair dry

and our little cowbells tinkle

it is not too much to ask

for a steel metal door

that will open into a square room

with you inside

and me incoming

I just sit here and dream

in tune with this crazy train

and your pulse


4 thoughts on “Ribbitt

  1. hmm. based on your comment, i am compelled to ask, what constitutes “bad poetry”? please let me know, because i may be missing something.

  2. goditje e bukur lale, bash ne kohen e duhur: sa te tundon pushteti m’i goce!. po ja çka mendoj ka kohe n’lidhje me ngjyren e flokeve: poezia jote e bashke me te edhe ti, ka kohe qe ka cofur for mi. itash, si i fundmi i mohikaneve, do doja ta shihja mu para syve te mi majakovskin n’çastin e fundit, jo per gje, po thjesht ngase me pelqejne shume beharnat

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