Respect: When you feel especially sad, by Dritëro Agolli

I am not very fond of poetry as a rule but I  have always loved this piece, so I wanted to try my hand at it. I apologize for the liberties taken in changing some of the verse. 


I won’t be here, I’ll be long gone;

To the earth returned, like everyone;

The waiters at my favorite café,

Won’t see me noisily sipping away.


And these streets I always pass,

Won’t hear my dry coughing hack.

Above my tomb, a tall cypress tree,

A pious monk, will watch over me. 


And right there you’ll feel forlorn,

Because I won’t be in the room.

As the wind hits the windowpane,

You’ll cry with it, slowly insane.


But when you feel especially sad,

Look for me in the wooden shelf;

You’ll find me hiding inside the books;

Lurking in pages and haunting words.


You just have to pull out a few,

And I’ll pour out, enfold you.

You will laugh with me once more,

A blooming field watered by love.




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