words are so light,
so heavy
they break bones
they change color
so white
so black
so murky brown
words fire
big fires
big showers of pain
they create fog
acidic poison that
does not,
does not quit
words have
mile long legs
and longer bifurcated tongues
they slither inside souls at night
and lick puss into wounds
words kill in whispers
sugary whispers of madness
and little slivers of malice
words are all around
bee drones that don’t quit
a sting for every hug
the soul wants
but does not deserve
it gets words instead
words so quiet
so constipated.
it can’t wait for the s**t
to fall.


3 thoughts on “Words

  1. Where the hell did you find smthg so bitter and sour ’bout words. Didn’t you know they are just air? It’s the brain that makes them real, gives them the meaning it wants and makes them hurtful and s***ty. But than again you’ve always been into “noir” and this is sooooooo “noir”.

  2. Very onesided but it reflects the author’s feelings at the time. I’m sure bletezz can write smth about words of love and kindness with just as much eloquence.

    I read your blog every so often. I find it entertaining, personal, and very real. Thanks for sharing you day to day happenings, random or deep thoughts, cause you never know who needs to read smth funny, not work or money related that day.

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