Subway tales

I am lucky enough that I catch the train from last stop to last stop, so I can sleep without worries. Furthermore, there usually are plenty of seats for me to chose from. This particular day, the train was a bit busy and there was only one car which looked half empty. Not only that but the seat I most prefer (right next to the door) was free. I rushed inside to claim it and the reason became immediately apparent. A very large man with a round hat, ill-fitting clothes and several full plastic shopping bag at his feet occupied the seat in front of me. He was relatively clean and not bad smelling, but something about his overall appearance screamed homeless.
I hesitated a little bit at the door, then decided to walk in anyway and sit down. My seat was far enough that the only offense would be upon my eyes and I knew I’d be asleep before the train pulled from the station. While I was getting comfortable, I could feel other brave souls getting into the car and taking seats as well.
The guy took a long look at me, harrumphed once, soured his face and then bend down to collect his numerous shopping bags. Once he had everything in his hands, he stomped out in his big swollen feet encased in brown shoes, with a last nasty look at me.
So then, this was the first day i’d been dissed by a homeless guy. I started to feel vaguely embarrassed but then other people swarmed the three seats he’d occupied and the train pulled away from the station. I closed my eyes and opened them at the other last stop.


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