I was just listening to this weird radio evangelical program for some reason and I started thinking that it’d be really cool to have God always by my side, (not so much in the mysterious, religious, omni way of it all) as a general reference and everything.
So when people’d ask “Where were you when the brains were handed out?” i’d turn to my friend and companion God, and ask Him.
“Where was I when brains were handed out?”
and He would look with that mysterious, omnivisual way of his and tell me:
“Albanian or American brains?”
“Both!” I’d answer.
“Hmmm…mhm…Mhmm…Mpapa….mpapa…pa…Looks like you were behind the door in both cases, love.”
And we’d both give our dinner companions a smile and enjoy our wine.


3 thoughts on “Whimsy

  1. …and enjoy our wine

    Albanian or American wine?

    The brains being handed out, kinda graphic when you picture it, but I guess not as much so as listening to an evangelical program on the radio.

    In case this is offensive, I was just kidding. πŸ˜€

  2. Chilean actually.
    I cannot sleep if it is too windy so I listen to the radio and for some strange reason this time it was an evangelical program.

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