there goes Facebook…

I truly like Facebook. I like the convenience of having all my friends and family all in one place and of wishing them Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays on their birthdays and on the holidays instead of the following month.
I like to see the babies and the pictures of vacations in the riviera or with the folks without having to suppress my snigger at the “lobster” tans, or the weird third cousins of people I barely know.
I like being able to put my pics on my page so all my friends can oooh and aaah and generally become green with envy at my supersexy poses, exotic locations and strange lizard plates which I seem to be so fond of. And, it keeps me from hearing the sniggers which I like even better.
I like to post my intelligence level (higher average, thank you very much) or get wishes for my birthday. I like to oogle and check “people of special interest”…Anyway.
Lately Facebook is not so much fun anymore. Those innocent jokes and comments with friends over percieved alcoholic prowress and “sex and the city”-ness moments? Not such a good idea when 10000 miles away auntie fills your mama on last night gossip over Skype.
That “frenemy” you have been trying to avoid like the plague and only smile at when there is absolutely nowhere else to go and noone else to hide behind at the event? Well, she/he is befriending all your friends and family, and keeping tabs on your boyfriend.
The date from hell you did not want to hurt because you percieved a very “precarious” mental state and do not want to be the one to add the last drop? Oh he is there with bells on, updating himself over morning coffee and replacing said boyfriend with himself on Photoshop.
And we are not talking about bosses, ex-boyfriends, childhood people you have not seen in 30 years and are not likely to ever see or even recognise again in this life or the next, various internet weasels who post your family videos on chat forums and find the right to put their snout in your business, news channels who save themselves a trip to the street and monitor facebook instead, shameless self promoters and snake oil pushers who get upset if you are not a member of every little page and deranged marketing ploy they can concoct, etc etc etc.
I know several people who’ve taken their profiles down altogether or changed their names and identities. I get requests to befriend the same people ten and fifteen times in a row because they needed to delete their profiles and avoid stalkers, hangers on, and cuckoo exes.
I get a bit surprised but not insulted anymore when I can’t access this and that person’s pics or read about their latest excapade. They are trying to protect themselves and I do not blame them one bit. I have done the same thing too. I have closed myself into myself, where it it belongs, and I am trying very hard not to let paranoia overrun my life and my relationship to my family and friends. Finding out that people actually follow what I say and monitor what I do, and furthermore that they have no compunction and no ethics when it come to using that information to their immediate benefit, is a little bit scary. And not one bit flattering.
I guess, this Facebook thing will also run its course and I have to follow the rules like everyone else and balance. Until I am ready to live in the real world fully and be appreciated by real flesh and blood people and not pixels or matrix.


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