A scentless rose

Hi doctor, how are you?
I sit here? Yes, ok. I sit here. I have been doing ok. My diabetes is under control? Good. I am careful you know. I don’t eat sugar, I take care of my skin. Best creams straight from home. I could have this expensive American thing but for what?
I just don’t know what to do about my weight. I am on my feet all day, and I have plenty of sex. I should be a stick figure with all the calories I am burning having sex. And I only do it for the calories you know.
Don’t get me wrong, I like sex. I really, really like sex. But I don’t feel a thing and i never have. Not even with my husband, or my boyfriend, or other men for that matter. I have always been surrounded by men. And never felt a thing. I am so upset to never feel anything. I even approached a girl from my job who was a lesbian. I thought that the reason I could not feel anything was because I was doing it with men. I used to stand near her and she used to play with my hair…We even kissed once. Whoo, she kissed like a man too. But nothing stirred…no feeling, no blood, no smell.
And then there was that time with that detective interrogating me about that thing. He had me cuffed in the room. Oh, I said, something moved. The more he yelled at me, the hotter I became. He noticed it too and he changed like that. I was a looker back in the day, I tell you. Still am. Never had a problem turning a man’s head.
Anyway we met another day but it was gone. He was kissing and petting me all over, but I felt nothing and I told him. He was upset poor soul. But what could I do? That is the way I was made.
I am just this rose, this scentless rose doctor. I don’t understand why.
I mean, take my sister, toothless farm woman from my home village. Her husband can’t even get it up anymore, but she, she is like an autumn leaf barely holding on. Every little wind makes her quiver. and there is noone in the village to do it with too. If my husband did not have a girlfriend, I’d send him to her right away. But he has his hands full from what I hear.
I got a boyfriend too, like ten years younger. Treats me good and I give him sex. Good for skin, good for exercise, and he likes me a lot. If only I was normal!
Sometimes these young guys come around and smile at me, and sometimes I sleep with one of them, but I have no pleasure whatsoever.
No smell from my rose


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