brother, please!

if the opening you gave me was not enough, the following kiss certainly gave me the right idea.
i say this because i scared a roomful of drunk men tonight while thinking of you. i made them unsure of life and of their dick size. i made them double check their bank accounts and girlfriends while drying their pitiful beers.
while i can’t think of anything else, i am certainly allowed to think of you. mainly just to say brother please!
brother please treat me human
and butter my bread
brother please hug my dream
and humor my head
brother please stop chasing gutter bubbles
and pine for me
brother please keep dallying with debbie
and set my ass free
brother please listen to this late lament
fluffing your fluffer
brother please try to understand
it is not what it was but what it will be
brother please submit
submit your soul to me


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