Still recycling…

Reasons why I don’t watch romantic movies:

1. I hate it when the girl and the guy are hot and heavy and then all of a sudden one of them gets up and says: “This is all a mistake. You better not come looking after me.” and dashes off into the darkness. Are there no original lines anymore?

2. everybody finishes having sex in two minutes and it is only in the missionary position. i mean they can have sex before hand and after but the culmination is always in the missionary position.

3. Main characters always have advertising/public relations/magazine editors and such. What happened to financial advisors, engineers and sanitation crews? Don’t they fall in love too?

4. Smart quirky girls always have pixy haircuts.

5. Smart boys always jackets without ties.

6. French romances are the worst since they glorify meaningless rutting. I mean normal people can’t even have meaningful rutting in those movies and some calamity happens.

7. Everybody has perfect hair for the audience the movie is targeting.

8. There is always some stupid misunderstanding that makes one doubt the intelligence of the main characters.

I could go on but I might give the wrong impression that I am jaded. So usually I watch kung fu.


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