The trouble with chubby girls (recycled thoughts)

I have always liked myself and the way I look. Maybe not felt totally comfortable with it, but not because I had to play up my sexiness but because I had to play it down. What takes other less endowed girls three hours with makeup, fillers, nips and last minute stitches, I and other women like me, can accomplish with an innocent hiccup. We look full, inviting and jiggling in all the right places at all the right times.

That is why I do not understand when chubby became taboo. Going out with a full figured woman is apparently only something kinky, unfeeling or emotionally immature men do. Having a date with one is uncharted territory that one has to approach carefully and possibly not in any known parts of the city where acquaintances might pass by and feed the juicy bit to the grapewine. It has gotten so that whenever I see a couple where the girl is chubby, I immediately start to wonder about what the guy’s problem might be that he is compensating. Is he maybe out of his league, in hope of some easy sex, has met her when she was 16 and a -2, or looking for someone who developed kink out of sheer defense and is not too dainty to do all things asked to please her lover? How did he develop his taste for chubby flesh?

Of course, all of these questions go through my head because my phone is not ringing anymore, and the lovely chubby chaser I met some time ago has decided that his minuscule charm and wit can be better spent somewhere else. So many chubby girls, so little time!


6 thoughts on “The trouble with chubby girls (recycled thoughts)

  1. you definitely met the wrong chubby chaser πŸ˜‰
    Weight shouldn’t be a problem to others if it’s not a problem to you and, I have yet to hear a guy admit that he prefers bones to flesh

  2. robi duhet te jete i lehte dhe i holle per qejfin e vet.
    une psh e kam problem me veten time.
    sa per te tjeret, vari lesht motra πŸ™‚
    shkrimi me pelqeu, shume spontan dhe i bute πŸ™‚
    si e zonja moooo
    miss u

  3. Problem is right from the start: “-I have always liked myself and the way I look”. Admiting the problem is half the battle. If you do not show sufficient self respect to eat well , work out and maintain a healthy lifestyle, do not expect any men to respect you. Fat is a sign of something unhealthy, something unnatural and disgusting, and unlike most things that fit that category, there IS something that can be done to improve the situation. If you are to lazy to do it, then all you will see is chubby chasers. Hit the gym.

  4. who told you that fat is unhealthy? Might be unusual but not unhealthy at least at an earlier age.
    I am not sure about disgusting, nobody has thrown up on me yet. But I have thrown up on a few people (not fat) so…
    I like chubby chasers,( I am one) but not perverts. That is what this article talks about.

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