Sugar Albania

Well. I went to Mother Teresa’s exhibition innaguration last night at the UN and I had a smashing time. Lots of gossip, compliments and free wine. I can’t tell you how the exhibition was though because I did not see a stitch of it. Too busy being an airhead.
However the organization was very good and it went off without a hitch, with the exception of a security guard asking my Indian guest: “Are you SURE you are going to the Albanian exhibition?!”
Dude, you work for the UN! And haven’t you heard Mother Teresa spent more than half her life in India?
Anyway, my guest laughed it off and he did have a good time mingling: “Albanian girls are gorgeous!”, meeting important people: “Was that really the First Lady? Oh pardon, Prime Minister’s wife? Should I wash my hand tonight?” and admiring the exhibition: “I never realized Mother Teresa had such a connection with Albania!”
So, after doing the Albanian thing and dazzling my guest, I concentrated on dazzling myself with our very own blond and fabulous celebrities: Aurela Gace fabulous as always (I just love that girl); Elza Zagreda looking every inch the star that she is (catch her show at the Producer’s Club and you’ll see what I am talking about) and Gezim Nika who is not blond but we do not hold that against him as long as he sings and makes us feel patriotic.
My friend Lori did the arraignment of the pieces for the exhibition (that is she slaved away for a week and then they changed everything at the last minute) but it still looked good.
There were many other accomplished people there, because by now the New York Albanians have finished school, quit waiter and cashier jobs and have populated the ranks of finance, medicine, law and criminal justice for some reason.
On this note, I am happy to report that Dhimitri’s film has been accepted at Cane, so look for Requiem for Kosova in the shorts category, if you happen to be around there during the festival.
Pardon for making this sound like the gossip column but again, too many people and too much wine will do that to me. Besides I love the intrisic drama of gossip, like my friend’s current, former and wannabe boyfriends all in the same place and only she knows the link between them.
My friend Abi says I know too much people but the truth is we albanians are all connected with invisible threads, and while maybe not everyone is as greeting-happy as I am, I bet we all have stories about all the other people in the room even if we personally know no one. So it helps that we do not put on airs at all (wink, wink).
To conclude, I’d like to say that this was sugar Albania abroad at its best, the way it is supposed to be. The UN mission representative and first lady who-is-not first lady, truly did a good job.


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