Two bathrooms, two basic layouts, totally different experiences.

The first one was at a mosque. Let me be perfectly clear first, my mosque experience was a very warm and fuzzy one. There were a lot of people worshiping and adoring, getting in touch with their God and with neighborly gossip, sharing food, information and dreams.

However, it was the bathroom that held the real attraction for me. It possessed a heated toilet seat, plus a fully automatic bidet mounted in the seat, with front and back heated streams operated by a side remote control. And there was also a jug nearby for the more technologically challenged. I tell you I visited that bathroom more than once, together with giggling 10 year olds and their little brothers.

Another bathroom I found myself in was at the end of an interesting evening-cum-date with a very hot man. It was at a Korean lounge we decided to end our evening. He got up to make a phone call and I started looking around waiting for him. Suddenly I saw him  signaling frantically from a door so I got up and joined him thinking something had happened. Silly me. Instead, he took me inside the bathroom where he proceeded to kiss me. Mm nice. Things would have gone much further if it wasn’t for the three Korean waiters knocking on the door and asking if everything was OK. So I slipped out.

Two lessons learned: if you want to learn about comfort, go to a mosque bathroom and if you want to have bathroom sex, don’t go to a Korean Lounge bathroom.

And that’s all folks!


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