The skill

When J. woke up one morning, he realized he had acquired a very important skill, something that was so wonderful and complete that he was surprised he did not have it before. His body had always indicated a certain lack of something, an absence, a little empty space that he had not been able to fill until that particular morning when he discovered his peculiar talent.

Of course, discovering a skill and perfecting it are two totally different things, so J. started experimenting immediately and with enthusiasm. He used any spare and stolen moment to practice and perfect it, discovering new satisfactions and pleasures each and every time.

J. looked at the sea of unsatisfied faces around him and came to the conclusion that his skill was very unique because it was impossible for people to have it and still go about with those sad and stressful frowns plastered all over. However he was shy, and a bit protective about sharing his skill with others, especially at the level it deserved. He could not possibly whisper it about like a shameful secret or something. No it had to be shared openly and proudly and appreciated accordingly by the masses, which he was very reluctant to do.

But, life and human nature being what they were, there came a time in J.’s life when he simply could not keep his secret to himself anymore. He craved and deserved an audience. He needed admiration and the crowd needed his skill. So it came about that he let his secret slip one day to one particularly unsatisfied and needy person who’d greatly benefit from it.

He whispered it to the other person in full seriousness and earnest, expecting a flood of gratitude from the other person’s mouth, or even bracing himself for the torrent of bad words some awesome secrets seem to attract in the beginning. New things sometimes brought about resentment, resistance, even remonstrance.

What J. did not expect however was abrupt laughter and a wave that indicated that not only his secret skill was unique and secret, but on the contrary, it was common and easy, something that most people picked up and engaged in almost daily without thought or deliberation. Poor J. was so heartbroken that he sat in stunned silence for a while, not knowing what to say.

His practical and overconfident nature took over however and he started a new way of reasoning. Sure other people had the same skill and most exercised it daily, but were they as good as he was? Were they able to produce the same results he did? He must surely be a step above the rest, a level higher than others, a distance closer to perfection.

So the second stage of J.’s new life begun. He did not like the fact that other people were so nonchalant about the skill and did not give it the importance it surely deserved. He started researching for those people who would be able to see the same value in the skill as he did, and share in the same vision, and appreciate his particular dexterity, ease and elegance in executing said skill.

It was hard. Whenever he’d demonstrate to a half-receptive audience, they would do the same thing and demonstrate to him. It bothered him a lot that he had to become audience as well as demonstrator. However, he slowly started seeing the merit of the action, in that it did allow him to demonstrate his own skill and it did give him a measured form of satisfaction which his skill solo performance could not truly provide anymore.

He was aware that the satisfaction was on the dwindling side. He did not know how it happened but the closer he was to perfection, the less satisfaction he got from his skill. It did not help at all. He started creating ways to complicate his performance, enrich and combine it with other pleasures of life, but they lost attraction quickly, especially if he was doing it by himself.

Then he realized that he truly needed other people who were just like him. So he went again to the places where they met, he demonstrated his skill, they demonstrated theirs and everybody got to experience the pangs of satisfaction. And that is how J. finally found his happiness.


6 thoughts on “The skill

    1. LOL, i was waiting for the question. I am actually talking about people who one day discover they can create something and then wait for the whole world to recognize their talent. They usually end up buying other people’s stuff just so they can peddle theirs too.

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