Listening to Poetry

I belong to this strangely mismatched but fun group called Albanian Language on The idea is simple, Albanians and Albanian language hangers-on get together for different activities of Albanian nature in NYC. Sometimes, very interesting things happen to them.

The last was the poetry Luljeta Lleshanaku and her American assistant/MC read at Posman Books in Chelsea Market.  This is where you can find more information about her:

The reading was interesting and well organized, even though it was difficult to hear from the other end of the room. I had never been faced with her poetry before (my failing, i seem to have an allergy to poetry) but it was good to hear it spoken out loud. The translation into English was also surprisingly good and I want to hear good things from her in the future.

The room was full and that was a happy thing. Ms Lleshanaku herself was kind enough to sign our books and I happily walked away with Fresco and Child of Nature, as well as my mismatched companions. We were looking for food. Poetry readings are very tiring affairs.

We went to Maccelleria, an Italian restaurant in Chelsea owned and staffed by what else? Albanians. I have been there once before and I liked it. Everything went well, except my outraged waiter friend who strongly suggested I’d not add parmiggiano to the linguini in clam sauce because they did not go together. But I am long past that period when a waiter’s look could made me wither and fret for my manners, so by God I asked for cheese and added it under his horrified eyes.

My travel home was made easier by the conversation in Albanian with an Asian Linguist colleague who spoke my language much more coherently than our current prime minister. He even had an Albanian name. Who knew?

His gall made me come home and open my half forgotten Japaneze method again. I was determined to learn. Then I fell asleep.

All in all, a good evening.


2 thoughts on “Listening to Poetry

  1. You got to see Luljeta Lleshanaku read?! So lucky, she’s one of my all time favourite Albanian writers 🙂

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