Highlander’s monologue (edited)

Highlander’s Monologue

Aghrrr, to have a powerful fist
punch this dumb mountain straight to his heart
So that he feels what it means to be weak
And squirm in agony like a wounded giant 

I, his bogeyman, a disturbed phantom
Heir apparent to suffering and endurance
Wander his belly with my ceaseless hunger
And the frustrated screeches of unapeased insticts 

The mountain stays dumb, even if every day
I rummage his back playing with death
Toiling for our meager daily bread
Deceived by hope, the cruelest of His jokes 

The mountain stays dumb and in dumbness laughs.
I am in pain, and in pain expire
What about me? Hey! When will I laugh?
Or must I first irrevocably die?

Aghrr to have that powerful fist
Punch the dumb mountain straight in his heart
See him squirm under my unlawful hit
And enjoy it immensely with a laughing cry


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