We like to party.

I decided to have a party the moment I set eyes on my new apartment. Roomy, with big windows, two bathrooms and (gasp) a balcony. And it is within walking distance to public transportation. I love it.
I do not know why, but while my mom and my sister see the apartment and think in terms of curtains and carpets, I think in terms of parties and how many drunk people I can fit on the pull-out sofa.
I love giving a good party, something where everybody’s shoes are off and the neighbors are knocking because of all the yells and laughter, and the pants are half-way down. I do not care very much about expensive wines and crystal all over the place, but the cups have to be full at all times, and the tongues and teeth have to be black. Not reddish, not slightly purple, but black.
So, tonight I had a party. A housewarming party to be exact. American style with no Napoleon or baclava. I invited cousins, I invited my old friends, I invited my new friends, my everyday friends and my work friends. So many friends, it felt like a wedding. But hey, not everybody comes right? In this case, wrong. Almost everybody came bearing gifts and smiles, old gossip and new gossip. My ex-crush was there with fiancee and ex-fiancee who was there with her fiancee. My friend, her brother, her boyfriend who hate each-other to death came (thankfully at different times) and behaved themselves. My cousins came with their crazy gossip and fake blood. My in-laws came and actually enjoyed themselves, as did I. And I had my token Americans and my wonderful but fleeting twins who better stay longer next time or I will make them talk to my dad.
To stop myself from looking like I normally look, I had my hair cut and blow-dried, and my mustache waxed. The Korean hairdresser charged me twenty dollars and took one hour to do my hair. He knew only three words in English “You want bang?”. Seeing my confusion, he mimicked cutting my bangs and then I understood he was not offering me the Korean Surprise Special, but a hairstyle. Of course I wanted no bang, just a plain haircut with a long V down the back, which I got and enjoyed all evening.
To stop my guests from being food poisoned, I had my sister cook and my mom fix the apartment. Another two bright ideas which ended in success. There was couscous cooked in chicken hearts and all kinds of fat and pork roast. See, we do believe that any dish, no matter how healthy has a great potential for becoming a heart attack. But it was excellent.
To keep them from becoming bored, I unleashed my dad. My dad is not like other people’s dads. He has very outlandish ideas that belong to him alone and no one else. He is the only man I know who is 60 and still cooler than me. He has this habit of arguing his point until he completely and totally obliterates your belief in your own argument. And the moment you agree with him, he starts arguing your point, leaving you confused and in need of aspirin. But it seems to work wonders with the men especially after bottles and bottles of wine and beer. They did not even need the music.
So the party was a success. And now I have the recipe for a success party:
1. Have a credit card.
2. Make your sister cook, your dad talk and your mom clean the dishes.
3. Have your brother-in-law (Angel in disguise) buy the drinks.
4. Do not let your Korean hairdresser give you bang.
5. Do not worry about the guests but about their empty glasses.
6. Enjoy your own party.
And start making plans for the next one.


9 thoughts on “We like to party.

  1. I had a blast… and you are right: your dad would have definitely had me skipping all other engagements. here tjeter do sjellim dhe dodon me vete e ti leme te notojne bashk.

  2. Po prit ihere tashi, kur je feju? I was under the impression that you are wonderfully single, but the talk about in-laws and brother-in-law threw me off, kur u martove mi dreq?

    Can we have stories of the after party now please? Sknaqena kurre ne 😀

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