Meeting politicos

The visit of the Albanian PM and his entourage in New York was shrouded with mystery, high level security and media. First, I had to decide whether to go at all to meet with our charismatic Preemie. As one man put it “You are against him, so why are you here?” I said to him that I was actually there to meet somebody else a bit lower in the totem pole but still a friend of sorts. I wanted to say that not all of us need to lick behinds to get invited to places like him but I didn’t. Nobody can say I am not a diplomat. However, his question made me ponder a bit.
“True,” I thought “Why am I here?” The man is the source of all eeevil in my family’s eyes. I can even go so far as to say that my grandmother was the only one who understood the Axis of Evil concept but she added Mr. Berisha to it. Over the years, I have found little to dissuade me of this idea, but enough of politics. The truth is I like APEN and their events and I had an errand to run with one of the people there.
APEN always seems to attract young and interesting people who like to dress well and love to get introduced to other people. And have fun. They are sort of a hybrid crowd. Many came in this country when they were little and graduated here and emerged clean, well coiffed and almost human. Some were born here and thankfully only know Albania through Skanderbeg stories and Southern Riviera. And there there is people like me who worked the minute they set foot in this country and will continue until the day they die. (in different stages of evolution)
So, in short, I chose APEN because i always get a free drink or two there. And sooner or later old friends converge with new ones and I meet everybody all over again. Some used to be ugly ducks and they had turned to swans. Some used to be creeps and had doubled up in creepness factor. And the thief from last time was in attendance again, since I lost my camera this time (Every time I go to the Russian Tea Room, something disappears. But hey, free drinks and exquisite dinners I don’t pay for make up for it. So, if you decide to go, savour the food and keep your purse closed and your cell phone in your boobs) New faces not so much.
Before anyone asks, I have absolutely no idea what the PM said. Political speeches give me acute ADD. I did hear comments about internet access in every village. Well, who knows, it might actually be true. However, there were quite a lot of people there and I did get a handshake or two. I also entertained two irreverent teenagers with repetitions of “Where do you live? “New Milford” “Milford?” “No, New Milford” “Hey, she said Milford, get it? Milf- ord. HiHiHi”
I also finished my errand which consisted in bothering several people from the PM’s entourage to locate the person who was bringing me a tea china set from Albania, since US is completely out of the wretched thingies. And there is the answer to the whole creep question.
I was really there to pick up my china set. 😀


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