thursday night

Sometimes it is good to get drunk. You get to revel in the drunken camaraderie of your drunken friends, your drunken boss does not yell at you, and your drunken and handsome male coworkers have a legitimate reason to rub your hair and plant a full lipped kiss on your cheek.
Let me tell you that sometimes that one cheek kiss with full lip in it sears hotter then a full tongue Frenchie with honey and chocolate. One such kiss brings back all the hottest and most awkward high school moments when other girls were learning how to slowly draw a pant zipper down and I was learning the location of my mouth.
There is plenty of shots on the table and plenty of fun around it. Our crew is mixed as all true New York office crews are and our skin color spectrum is only paralleled by our clothing spectrum. But we all drink the same. The trick is to know when to pass on a round of shots and to focus on the long road home. Not enough to obscure the enjoyment of the evening but enough to know that if you get shitfaced there will be no one to walk with you the weird long trip home over the bridge and that you will quite possibly find yourself in three pieces in some honest citizen’s freezer if you lose it tonight.
So the trick is to drink enough to enjoy the company around you and to feel they are the sexiest people alive and you all want them in your bed, but to retain enough sanity to know that you are drunk as a skunk and so is your radar and therefore sleeping with your married coworker will be a horrible idea in the morning especially if you are office mates and females and your she-boss is watching.
But hey yeah, tonight was fun. Pray that I get home ok. Smoochies!


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