Mother Tereza comes to the Bronx

So it came to be that for whatever reason, Mother Theresa’s name is attached to a corner of Lydig Avenue in the Bronx. I think it was all that hard lobbying.
Anyway, most Bronx politicos showed up in all their glory, with smiling faces and long speeches and for whatever reason yelling: “Cheers to Kosova’s Independence!” prompting a yellow-shirted scruffy man to yell back “Long live Gjergj Kastrioti Skanderbeg!: That crazy history and those pesky Albanian borders are very confusing, it is true. It seems that it was the perfect meet and greet opportunity, one of those occasions when you nod to people you know and have seen in every single Albanian show and tell, you shake hands with people you do not know and normally would hide behind the turkish grocery store if you normally saw them on the other side of the street, and you note the absence of previous Albanian Scene staples, murmuring “hmm, strange he/she is missing this, did something happen i do not know about?”. Then you clap and cheer the speeches you heard nothing of since you were trying to nonchalantly take the best pose for the sweeping cameras in front of you, until you suddenly catch from the speaker gems like this one: “We will work, and elevate Mother Tereza’s name to the skies…” Well, excuse me but isn’t Mother Tereza proclaimed a saint already? how much further will her poor name go?
There were some sisters from Mother Tereza’s order too but they only spoke near the end and the microphone was off for half of the speech. but hey, they got their claps and sat down happy.
Then the time came to take off the paper hiding the name, unveil the miracle, the fruit of so many Albanian organizations at work (each circulating the same 6 members in any kind of weather) and yes, the cord came off but the paper stayed on. frantic searches for ladders, the politicians wincing through their smiles, then the saviour of the day, a businessman did it Albanian style. he climbed the pole and took off the paper for all to feast their eyes and feel like Albania has finally arrived. He looked like such a mensch.
And I shook hands and gave out my business cards, posed for pictures with a whole bunch of women, smiled at the politicos and left ready to pass out from the sun.
All in all, a good event.


One thought on “Mother Tereza comes to the Bronx

  1. Shume prurje e bukur blete. Me bere te qesh me menyren se si i festojme apo i perkujtojme disa gjera. U kenaqa me pershkrimin tend te cdo detaji, sidomos ate te zbulimit te pllakes. 🙂

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