Office talk

-Look at that – I say to my coworker – What do you think?
– Wow – she squeals – where is that? It is gorgeous.
It is a place where i was once as a teen, a magical part of the world with blue green sea and impossible sun shine. It is a little corner that always photographs like a postcard, no matter what camera or what angle. It is the paradise my mind escapes too when things become back, the image I hope will once greet me from my open veranda, and the background of my first intense erotic fantasy.
And my cousin is grinning his smile in it almost holding but not quite a big fish. Typical tourist photo.
-My country – I say – a village in the south. Nice view huh?
-Well yeah. How much does it cost to get there? You know if it is reasonable, I could ask some of the girls and get organized for next year. It could be real fun. Is there public transportation?
My coworker has already started planning and calculating and looking at flight details. She is a very organized woman. Meanwhile I get hit by a panic attack. I explain to her that to get there her friends and she will have to fly for 13 hours, then either catch a cab for another five, or catch the dreaded public transportation (the van with the leery driver, or the bus with its butt hanging out of the road for most of the trip) But once they get there, ah once they get there the view of the perfect see and the best mojitos in the world will probably make up for all the hassle. Probably.
I maybe should explain to her a bit further and maybe try to dissuade her from this Albanian dream. But I feel bad because Albania is very beautiful and deserves visitors and admirers and adorers who will discover her secrets and fall in love with her, and keep her images in their hearts to start in their own fantasies. And yet…
I can’t imagine what they would do to the village, a whole bunch of fun loving New Yorkers, born and bred in the Bronx, who can raise up pretty much any roof they happen to find their selves under. I know that the village has seen its share of strange and foreign people drive through. Yet, things might get pretty interesting next summer. Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Office talk

  1. Mos ki fare frike. Per te shkuar atje nuk ke nevoje fare per minibusat-taksi se ka autobuze qe jane te pranueshem,por mund te marresh edhe taksi dhe ato jane ok. Por, mund te merrni nje makine me qira, direkt e ne aeroport, dhe sherbimi eshte ok, makinat te mira (pak te shtrenjta, pak me te shtrenjta se ne greqi, me duket). Ne ato fshatrat ka disko verore, dhe ato vajzat do argetohen aq sa i lejon lodhja nga dielli (por do llogarisin bum bum bum e nates, po te jene te reja nuk do ta degjojne, po te duan qetesi, hmmm). Une kisha 3 svizerane me vete, 14-16 vjece dhe, ne fund te pushimeve, na thane, ju beni c’te doni – vitin tjeter ne jemi prape ne Borsh.
    Nuk te prek njeri me dore, je e sigurt fare, njerezit jane shume miqesore, kontaktet ftillohen shume shpejt.

  2. harrova te te them, une shkoj gjithmone me zvicerane en Shqiperi dhe, pertej problemeve kane ikur me dashuri per Shqiperine, jane kenaqur, fakti qe une jam shqiptare i ndihmon te shohin shqiperine nga brenda. Por, kam pasur nje eksperience horror ne shqiperi me te nje te huaj, dhe ajo ishte amerikane. Miqte e mi zvicerane ishin gati ta paketonin dhe ta nisnin urgjentisht mbrapsht. Ngeli duke vene re difektet e shqiperise – nuk mundi te shijonte asgje tek shqiperia. Frustruese.

  3. eh, self une i kuptoj keto gjera. thjesht me pelqeu te vija ne vendin tim shoqet e mia bronksiane me origjine dominikane. me c’me tregojne historite e jeteses se familjeve tyre jane shume te ngjashme me historite shqiptare.
    jam shume e sigurt qe do te kthehen me kujtime te mrekullueshme, dhe nuk dua t’ia heq atdheut tim rriskun. por prape e kam zemren te goja…

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