Buying a birthday card

I went to the store to get my cousin a birthday card for her 40th birthday. wouldn’t you know that everything there treated 40th birthdays as something dirty to be shaken off as soon as possible? i mean here is a successful, beautiful, elegant woman surrounded by husband, children family and well wishing friends, and all I could find in the store said: “don’t worry that it is your fortieth birthday. we’re sorry but it is better than being fifty”
I know that women might experience a degree of sadness at the years that pass and at the body parts that sag. yet, why should we be reminded of that? We are not all cantankerous old biddies which cannot be happy and grateful for the blessings in our life, just because we are a year older. I do not exactly remember when I saw my first gray hair. I do not remember a day when I did not feel fat and saggy. I do remember days when my hair had a life of its own and framed my face in the most perfect way. I do not think any of those things happened on my birthday, the day that I want most to be perfect. What I remember from my birthdays is laughter cake and fun. Yet, cards warn me not to be sad and take solace when I am forty. Boo-hoo to them. I am having fun, i do not want to think about a wrinkly tush.
Some of us actually are proud of that wrinkly tush and enjoy the fact that it brings us more quality compliments than twenty year old booty. Some of us like gray hair at the temples, or the strength and respect that comes with them. Some of us are not afraid to turn forty when the man we love and given children to, is on our side with roses and a childish grin on his face because he will get lucky again tonight with the woman of his dreams. Some of us have a life and celebrate that, instead of mooning over meaningless dates.
So, I look in vain for a fun card that does not involve wrinkles, sadness over age, forced humor, and stupid comments on my body shape. In the end, I resolve to buy her an empty one, and write my own message of love and affection that has derived from our relationship. I am sure her birthday will be a glorious affair.


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