Brief discussion

Would you go to Europe for sex? – the man in front of me asks, and then, because of my puzzled expression, amends it to – I mean not only for sex, but well, you know, for relations.
Would I? I sit for a while and think on it. The truth of the matter is that I have packed my bags more than once and jumped on a plane to meet someone. Maybe not all the way to Europe. And maybe not for that purpose alone. But the hidden motive has been in there, the unexpressed desire to meet somebody new, exciting and foreign, who’d sweep me off my feet and show me what I have been missing.
It has not happened. The people at the other end of the sky have been every bit as selfish, incomprehensible, and bad at sex as the people this side of the sky. Well, maybe not bad at sex per se. Maybe they were just inexperienced, or lost or confused, or plain uninterested in yours truly. Maybe it was mutual.
Once upon a time I worried that I would not have enough experience to talk about such things. After my long trips, I realized that it was not the quantity of experience I was lacking, but the quality. It is that one good experience that makes everything else pale in comparison,
Either way, my friend here expects an answer. His attitude towards long – distance honey is a bit strange, given that I know first hand that he is not missing any tricks here. And that he needs to improve his skills first, before he launches headlong into another bottomless melodrama with high strung women who buy into the whole lonesome boy sob story-high-intellect-hidden drama thing.
-Yes, -I say – I’d definitely travel to Europe for sex. Possibly even China.
Then we order green tea in honor of this mutual understanding.


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