just a rant

twiddling my thumbs and waiting for albo election results in my underwear. it is raining and i crave a smoke. i don’t smoke but i crave one. i miss the sexy way one holds the cigarette between one’s fingers and one’s lips, the acrid taste of a smoker’s mouth and the putrefying odor coming from flossing a smoker’s teeth.
results don’t come up yet. i want election results, i want colors of either blue, red or that mixture of color that always turns to grey. politics! whoever saw any good come out of them?
i dunno why i care really. maybe if my mystery man did not turn into a dud, i wouldn’t have craved results that much. tall dark and completely empty up there. i mean not a stitch of brain. cute ducky though. if only he did not open his mouth. one date was enough
so, now i am back to browsing for election results and watching porn. almost the same thing really, except the climax is taking so long. but i imagine the same ugly faces and animal noises will ensue. did i mention it is still raining? f
urthermore, today i learned that quite possibly the last prospect of marriage gave pursuing me up because i was not talkative enough ?!!! strange world we live in when a man does not want to marry a woman because she does not talk enough. and complains of it to his mother.
i might be old-fashioned. yeah, that’s it, the world has gone too forward and i can’t seem to stop it. i even went for hot yoga, the thing where you sweat like a pig for an hour and a half and you have to look at your own belly for half that amount of time. and the rest is spend focusing at yourself in the mirror. like i don’t have enough body issues already. actually, why lie, i loved mu big round belly, white hips and red face. and my hear curled nicely, even as i was trying to spider my way through that seated eagle pose. i mean whoever even imagined a seated eagle?
and who will win these elections? and why is iran having elections at the same time we are? conspiracy i say. conspiracy as tall as my cousin’s sparse beard and as crazy as his other theories. see, i am glad i am out of fashion in a way, because when one is always cool, one starts thinking one is also smart and oneque. and that can be downright nasty.
so anyway, i am going to sleep. i officially will not care until 6 am eastern standard time about who won the elections.
g. night


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