Another one bites the dust

I am officially the only unattached person in my office. Today, one of the other women I was always feeling sorry for, sported the biggest brightest diamond and surrounding stones in a square cut and lots of glimmer.
I understand that the wedding will take place on a boat. Nice. I almost want to get married just so that I can step on a boat. Almost.
Anyway, we’re doing the shower, the prayer circle, the raunchy gifts, the raucous laughter (sincere and insincere) and a lot of other fun things one is supposed to do to go smiling to the guillotine. for the second time. My hat is off to her.
So the rest of the girls/women got together today and refreshed my list:
1. Must have own teeth.
2. Better with hair.
3. Not living with mama.
4. Have a job.
5. Have own place.
6. Can spell.
7. Can reasonably enjoy life
8. Possibly Albanian and possibly single.
They are out in your neighborhood Monday to Friday 9-12 and 4-7. Look for the “Marry Blete” van in the red corner between the bodega and the Chinese take-out place.


4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. hahahaha
    E bukur kjo
    Si thotë dhe kënga : – Një ditë, do të bëhet më mirë për mua dhe ty o jeta ime.
    Sa mirë, që asaj shoqes i paska ardhur ajo dita……….
    Duhet të fillosh dhe ti ta këndosh këngën se, një ditë do të bëhet dhe për ty……

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