You and her are sitting together, swaying to the rhythm of the #5 train. Holding hands. Her fingers are lightly playing with yours, her lip corners are toying with a misterious smile. Her face is lit up when she talks to you. You are also smiling but it is a little more frozen, a little more remote. You muscles tense as soon as the train departs, signalling the fact that you will get off at the next stop. She whispers something else and bends her head towards your, still wearing her luminous smile and swooning look. After a short hesitation, maybe a millisecond too long, you meet her lips with yours, grunt a goodbye and make your escape. After she makes sure you have left, she stops smiling, casts her eyes down and remains like that for the next two stops. Then she gets up and leaves, still pensive, still lost in thought, but already resigned to the reality of life outside the train station.

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