whatever whatever song

For once I’d like to offer a love song,

beautiful reds and yellows in tune

fecund greens and delicious sky clouds

instead of the dejected sounds of loneliness

For once I’d like to bow to the greatness of feelings

with warm fuzzy memories inside

wrapped up in cuddles and bunnies with roses in their ears

instead of motheaten mongrel cynicism

For once I’d like you to convince me I am wrong

that all the ice is just frozen water not splintered hearts

and the signs in the horizon do not spell doom

and surely none of this self-fulfilling prophecy.

For once I’d like to have dirty played nice

and darkness radiate light from my eyes

bloody hands and a wonderful innocent smile

instead of the hurt at the mention of your name.

for once I’d like to be called a liar

not be right in the head but be right in my path

with an ending, outside the circle of unfulfillment

an off-tune lament in harmony with a dried rose

and a dead hamster.


2 thoughts on “whatever whatever song

  1. for once I really enjoyed your blog… bullshit, I always enjoy your rants, even when they’re sugar-coated, but this one I really liked 🙂

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