Fighting STDs, Albo style

This guy starts a new job. He is told that there are only three rules for him  to survive: Be nice to the boss, Be nice to the customers and Try not to be nice to V, because she’ll jump his bones like she does everybody new. Or at least use a condom.

So he is nice to the boss, nice to the customers and not nice to V. until that fateful day when she catches him alone in the stockroom. He is there for half an hour and he merges with his clothes in disarray and his head in a swoon. There is no doubt V. has had him too.

-Did you at least use a condom? -his well-meaning friend asked.

-Nah – the guy answered, – She looked clean. Besides I doused “lil’ Albo” with vodka afterwards.”


Yeah, it is apparently a sure fly way for men to douse their “lil’ Albos” with strong vodka, raki or rubbing alcohol after the deed in lieu of using a condom. It is a practice for all the guys after their Friday Night Manhattan Special.  One of which, being extra bad, kept his thingie immersed in raki for an hour and ended in the emergency room with a female doctor to whom he refused to tell what was happening. I dread to think what happened to the raki.

Use condoms people!


4 thoughts on “Fighting STDs, Albo style

  1. lol lol
    E boni ket pune nji shoku jone i here, dmth vajti me njonen qe ishte i cike “e bredhme”.
    Edhe u bo keq, i dolen lloj lloj pucrrash qe te nesermen 🙂
    Dhe kta i thojne : shplaje me kamomil plako 😛
    Edhe ky rrypi kishte mbush nji kavanoz me caj kamomili te ftohur dhe e zhyste mrena hhihi gjersa ju mush menja e vajti ke doktorri 😛

  2. Hahaha! Më shkrive, o B!
    Kjo më kujtoi atë barcaletën me një tip që vajti ke një prostitutë, dhe kjo i dha një prezervativ, dhe ky s’e dinte ça ishte, e ajo i tha që qe që të mos ngelej shtatzanë. E ky (polic më duket) i vajti të nesërmen e i ktheu prezervativin duke i thënë:
    Merre e ngel shtatzanë, daç bëj ça t’dush, se unë s’durova dot pa shku në banjë!
    Përshëndetje çupani!

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