Bad, bad girl

I have been a very, very, very bad girl. I read this in the eyes of the mortgage person while he reads my life on a computer screen and tells me what I can and cannot afford. The former is little, the later is everything else. He is possibly wondering what did I do with all that money I spent like it was mine.

I try to remember too. Where did this not-mine money go to? I do not have extravagant taste at all. (Some people might argue that I have no taste) Designer clothes are just another way of duping people. Just like credit cards. 

I go to restaurants. I take some trips. I buy books. I spend my money like the american system tells me to. Then I get to listen to the frown of this young banking person and  be subjected to his disapproving stare. Or maybe I am imagining it. Either way, I can’t stop thinking about the dog poop I stepped on last year. I am sure that is when my luck turned to pitiful.

Let’s hope that at least my luck in love will change for the better.

As it stands, I have to pay off my cards. (hate Chase credit card!) and then I can think of buying something. And I should freeze all of them and do not take them out until they are paid in full.

I have to think of money saving strategies:

Get thin so I can go on a lot of dates and not pay for my dinner.  

Sell my books on craigslist. (my heart bleeds)

Hit my boss for a raise.

Win the lottery.

Kill some squirrels and make squirrel sausages.

Read cards and palms.

Get a 4th job.

Rent my mom out to immigrants who miss theirs.

Sell my old eggs (which probably no one will buy)

Any further money raising ideas are appreciated.


7 thoughts on “Bad, bad girl

  1. hajt mos e vraj menjen.
    A e do dhe plaken time per ta dhone me qera, se per 2-3 jave do ta sjell andej 😛
    edhe ti japim cift, e jotja te gatuje ne ditet teke, e imja ne ato cifte.
    we will make big money 😛

  2. Like it a lot! 🙂
    No wonder the number of squirrels are comming down. I can hear the sounds from the squirrels nest cresting at you ” Damn you, you informing bitch”!.. 😀

  3. hehehe, wisdom will not buy me my co-op.
    And I have considered red lights but i can’t make the money I want with the way I look (extra 200 a week won’t solve the problem)
    nexhi, we’ll make money for sure. 🙂 Gjergji wants to rent I think.

    and yes i am squirrel tattler. buy the sausages, they are tasty. yummania prob has the recipe.

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