my new experiment

ermonela is beautiful and simple, with big soulful eyes and a mouth that smiles very often. an expressive girl that sincerely talks about herself, the work that she does, the passion that drives her and the emotions she transmits. it is a bit hard to imagine her for what she truly is, the source of tears in the eyes of audiences all around the world, the object of their adoration, and a prima donna in the true sense of the word. instead, she is an excellent conversationalist who answers my questions with an unusual candor and tries to stay away from cliches.

labi is the boy next door in the brink of manhood. he does have three kids and a wife, and i imagine he is the man of his house, yet, he lounges about in this couch like an eternal young man without a care in the world, who was never told to sit up straight and pay attention. but he is nice and gives me time to write his answers down. he is tall, dark and very very handsome in a rough movie star kind of way. and he sings. it is his job and he does it well, saying the right things at the right moment and crinkling his nose at some of my offbeat questions. but he answers them all and even makes sure i have written all the answers down. interesting.

leonora is a goddess in the black evening dress with a deep decolletage and a cinched waist. after the shoot she changes and comes sits next to me for our little chat. she actually looks different in regular clothes, not out of place in the streets of  Manhattan or any other civilized city. i like her because she eats bread without hesitation and without guilt. i like people who eat. she answers my questions with a seriousness i did not expect. then she tells jokes, which surprisingly make me laugh. later on, i put on her songs for the first time in my life and listen. i can’t help but think that once you get past all the chickie-chickie pam-pam, there is a maturity to her voice that it is usually not found in most singers her age. and my sister is a fan. who knew?

these talks all happened today, and the three people above were nice enough to submit to my questioning. my first guinea pigs. i am going to write bits and pieces for TUNG, a kosovar magazine published in Switzerland. yay!

i realize it is not easy to interview people. but i also realize that we Albos are very very good looking, and if nothing else, the readers will be looking at the stunning pics accompanying my pieces and forget to actually read them. silver lining y’all!


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