Go, go Power Rangers

I never liked Power Rangers. Even though the only reason I get up at 9.00 every Saturday is to watch the cartoons, Power Rangers never did it for me. The guns were fake, the choreography bad, the monsters blue cardboard with gesso bits painted on that barely stuck. There were five Power rangers to a itty bitty monster (where is the hero in that?) and it took them the whole episode to kill the poor guy. The one Highlight was the evil witch. Bad over the top acting, make-up you couldn’t scrape off with a crowbar, but it all somehow fit. She was not enough to get me into the show however.

I know what you are going to ask. I realize that the show was not created for overweight 30+ women with bird nest hair plastered in their couch with a coffee in hand and pajamas still on at 12.00 PM. But kids are much smarter than we realize. And I hate seeing a show with a winning formula (lay teens changed into superheroes with cool gadgets and tight uniforms to fight evil monsters and protect the Earth always made someone a millionaire somewhere). I want to be entertained too. And if the show makes new friends, where is the harm in that?

So, I tried it time after time and I could never get into it. I was forced to watch the Proactiv Infomercials instead which is not appropriate entertainment for a Lazy Saturday and cereal.  But I never gave up, and this Saturday, I feel rewarded and vindicated. Sometimes loyalty pays. The show is good, the Black ranger is hot, the comic relief, Ziggy is indeed comic, and the monsters are still bad with bits of cardboard falling off, but at least they are better made-up. And the evil robot Tenaya is hot and knows kung-fu choreography.

So go, go Power Rangers RPM! Me like!


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