Divorce! again. And it is even funnier.

I do not know why I like this show so much. I have seen it three times and I still laugh. Maybe because it is very well written. Maybe because to me, it is an excellent example of how to put together your heritage and your profession and create something truly remarkable. Wish there was a trailer in Youtube, because you’d understand what I am talking about.

Normally Albanians either write in Albanian about things totally Albanian who cannot be understood by the unfortunate non-Albanians. Or they succeed in their professions so removed from their heritage, that they cannot reconcile where they came from with what they are. So, there are the ex-pat community writers, marvelling at their own ditties and hailing each-other as the best thing to come along since sliced bread. Or the superintendent movie directors who rip off soap operas, mix them with a little myth and serve them with a side of bad script edited by their 13 year old cousin on the family PC. 

On the other hand, there are the removed ones, the successful professionals who only confess their heritage if that helps them in their career, and whose success depends on them being as WASP as possible. They create in a language they are not sure in, and talk about subjects that perplex them, and achieve success, because they are talented and smart in spite of all odds.

There are only a few Albanians who represent the community and successfully bring it to the outside world. Divorce! is one of them. It translates very well in English. It helps nonAlbanians understand how to behave in case they are invited to weddings, and even better, saves explanations to inlaws. It makes Albanians laugh because they can all find pieces of their life mixed in between the jokes. And it makes Albanian-Americans less uncertain about where they come from and how to intertwine their heritage with their present.

Curious fact: several people have remarked on the inaccuracy of the Albanian words in the back of the program. They are dialect and it is fun to compare them to the correctly spelled words and see how they have changed through regions, times and generations.

So go see it if you haven’t and laugh out loud. And maybe think about mixing your own heritage into a work of art like this one. The show is still going on through April 2nd. For more info, please check out http://www.elzazagreda.com


2 thoughts on “Divorce! again. And it is even funnier.

  1. Yes! It is very funny and sad at the same time. I am so glad I came to see it with you and the other guys. Too bad i missed the first one but I can imagine is in the same line as the second.

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