whimsy flimsy

You know I am better but you always win,

I take you for a ride, you take me for a spin

You stole my dreams as iI stole your thunder

You screwed me up as I put you under

I cast the spells and you reap the magic

I am funny face, you play Madame Tragic

When I find love, you always get a taste

when you get a ring, I laugh at the waste

You stand by the sink and I wash the dishes

You break hearts and I pick up the pieces

You are a lot of fire, I am freezing cold

together we’d have conquered this world

And yet here we are, two tired old ladies

fighting useless fights, and imagining babies.

I because I like them, you because you must

do you think one day, my dust will like your dust?

Like, genuinely like, and hold it by the hand

and with a straight face call each-other friend.


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