another lesson

i do not have a green thumb. as a matter of fact, i have black thumb. i kill flowers and weeds alike. give me a cactus, it will die from overwatering. so, i have decided not to have any flowers under my care. ever. never, ever, never.

and then my coworker left and gave me a bamboo shoot to remember her by. i broke my own promise and shoved the shoot in a sunny corner, filled its vase with water and left it there. i was told it just needed water sporadically and that was it. i mean, how hard could this be?

i came back to work after three weeks and checked on the shoot. it was still there. a bit dry around the leaves but there was still a green part on top so i was happy. success! then my mind got occupied by this smell of vomit, pervading my  work space. our coordinator told me that somebody working on the weekend possibly threw up there and tried to clean it up but it did not work.

i bought Febreze, Glade, and Pinesol. First time in my life, i started cleaning my desk  every hour. but the smell was still there.

i called Joe,  the maintenance guy.

-it’s the garbage can – he said. he took it out and cleaned it. still smelly.

-well, the vomit probabbly penetrated the carpet. they must take it out. – our cordinator told me. -if i was you i’d insist on it.

-what irresponsible person could have done this? – i asked.

-do you see now why you must lock your drawers? -it is a wonder they did not vomit there too.

so i started locking my drawers. now i never believe in locking things away too hard because i am a bit fatalistic. if they are meant to be broken into,they will, no matter what heavy locks i put on them. and God will not watch over me and mine, if i lock everything like this. but…my stapler was missing too. and more than anything it was the feeling of violation of privacy that got me. i mean i trusted them to be decent, why wouldn’t these “others” be?

the smell was pervasive. to take my mind off it and the Febreze masking it, i started fixing my desk. then i felt sorry for the bamboo shoot in its murky water. so i took it to the kitchen to clean it, and there, the smell was back. it was the stale water and the dirty roots that gave off that smell. it was my own carelessness that created the smell, not the irresponsibility of others. fudge!

so i went back with the tail between my legs and the offending shoot in my hand. oh man!  i confessed and apologized to my coworkers, but did not cancel the carpet replacement. can’t say no to new carpet after all.


4 thoughts on “another lesson

  1. Me duket se shkruhet “bamboo shoot”. Gjithsesi rrofsh per informacionin se isha duke e konsideruar te vija nje ne shtepi… tashi do zgjedh nje tjeter pa ere…


  2. lol I always screw up flowers Yummy so no, you are not alone. 🙂
    ITS my friend how are you doing? long time no chat. and never ever ever, rent a smelly house.

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