it is a bit hard to sit still and keep your knees closed when all you can think of doing is climbing in his lap and grind yourself to dust on it. 

it is a bit funny to hear the words coming out of your mouth while you are thinking of his mouth drinking your tongue.

it is a bit strange to be sitting on this leather couch while you remember another leather couch imprinted with your body and his.

it is a bit premature to put on that black and flesh colored bra if his hands will not take it off at the end of the day.

it is a bit gross to imagine your fingers covered in sticky juices and sweet nectars he won’t clean off until God knows when.

it is a bit surreal to find yourself in a room full of men, while your ear feels lonely for his voice.

it is a bit sad to walk down a poolside and not let your heels touch the water because it ripples just like his backside.

but then again, life is never easy.


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