Playing musical computers

I bought my computer about a year ago, because I wanted something decent to use. My Baby (laptop) was showing signs of wear and tear and I decided to set it up for my dad so he could use it, and I could use this one. He gained unlimited access, I gained more privacy and unlimited access. Right thinking, wrong family.

First, this one has a big screen. Second, it is in the kitchen. Third, it is quicker. Fourth, my mom learned to use it so she could read Alb newspapers.

So now, even as I am doing the pi-pi dance in my chair (you know the one when you cross and uncross your legs, grind your crotch into the chair and shake your your torso back and forth) i am afraid to leave my place. Because my dad is lurking by, innocently watching TV and explaining the movies for my mom, and straining to hear for the creaking of the chair, and see me belining for the restroom. He knows it is coming. I can’t resist much longer.

Once, we used to fight over the TV remote. Then we got two Tv-s and everybody was happy. Until computers entered our lives. And we were never the same again.

Now we play the musical computers and wait to pounce upon that empty chair still warm. Mom has entered the game too, studiously making ehr way through news, Albanian humor shows (an oxymoron, i know) and English recipes which i have to translate. And my cousin needs to do her homework, poor heart, so she is there too.

But my father is the most serious contender for the throne.  I hear him sometimes pouncing upon the keyboard, writing with two fingers and reading to himself, then hitting send. And I am hoping he has to go to the bathroom.

Today, I am winning. Still flexing my belly muscles, but I am here and I have not moved. And one, two, three…he went to bed. I win


5 thoughts on “Playing musical computers

  1. hehehee you guys are funny 🙂 i think one day you had forgotten to log off from your computer and i read a comment that had your name, but the writing was your fathers. I think he must have changed soon after that 🙂

  2. shhht, let’s not reveal secret identities…
    NAgo, faleminderit, edhe ty!
    Ledi, likewise. I finally read your piece. Me Like.

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