Say it ain’t so!

I always said that I would never comment on politics and finance, but this sort of has to do with my tax dollars at work.

Porn industry needs a bailout? But that is the last resort. I mean that is the reason for internet. and Ron Jeremy. and Larry Flint. And now that the car industry is almost dying and DHL closed shop for good in the US, who’s going to employ all those people?

Frankly, if asked I’d definitely bail out the porn industry over the car industry any day. even airlines. I’d take all that bailout money and invest it in stripper platforms, blond wigs and silicone. We’ll see where the economy is in a couple of years. At least the lobbyists would be better looking fakes inside and out.

Just for fun, can you imagine a stimulus check in the mail to renew your Spice Channel subscription? Better yet, a year round membership paid for by the state. And with income guidelines. because let’s face it, $500 can only buy a car if it will be used for scrap iron, but it can buy a lot of Vivid Entertainment DVD’s on sale. Anything to save the economy. Even double Ds bought with fed grants.


3 thoughts on “Say it ain’t so!

  1. hahah te vdes un per michael musto se kisha pare ndonjehere ne tv po qenka po aq humorist sa ne VV.
    flm bletez per kte gur te cmuar. kam qesh me lot.

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