Early Valentine

Well, it is not St Valentine’s yet, but this takes the cake (and the bride and the groom) According to this BBC story, the cutie-pies in the pic below decided to elope to Africa for their nuptials, older sister (official witness) in tow.  She was 6 he was 5 and the official witness was 7. Do I hear the collective AWWWW!

I hope they end up together because when they grow up, the story will brand the girl as a crafty husband-snatcher and the boy will use it to get into as many girls’s thongs as possible. And the older sister will always have the shame of her younger sibling getting married before her.

I remember that I myself got engaged at 4 with my father’s friend son, only to break it up at 5 because he destroyed the little baby doll carriage, the bum. You can tell I was scarred for life.

Anna-Lena (c) and Mika


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