Musings on my bag (or a belated tag from Eni)

i never understand why my bag is heavy. i continuously find myself cleaning it or changing it to something lighter, but it becomes full of junk in a matter of hours. ATM and MTA receipts, pennies, make-up bag, a whole bunch of keys, toilettries bag, coin purse, two books, date book, wallet, my two cell phones, a charger that does not fit either one, my notebook, my marketing materials, printouts of stuff I want to read on the subway, subway maps. a past due rent notice, three pens, a card holder, sparkle from the wrap paper I bought last night, a plum and a banana. and that’s it. i think.
i dump everything on top of the workdesk, under the critical eye of my coworker. i cannot take this mess any longer. I have decided to cut it to the bare bones, possibly without the marrow. hmm, let me see what i can throw out this time.
1. receipts of any kind shape and style, mostly yellowed and faded to the point of illegibility. i am supposed to check them against my bank statements, but i know how much money i have in the bank anyway. zilch. so out to the shredder they go.
2. pennies. in the candy container. nobody uses them anymore except banks. isn’t it sad?
3. make-up bag. it contains lipstick, lipgloss, lip-liner, powder, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, face cream and a bottle of after-wax oil for some reason. i usually do not use makeup, but there comes the odd morning when i look in the restroom mirror, and a pale ugly stranger looks back at me. with hairs on her chin and uneven eyebrows. or maybe i have one of those crazy days when i have to go to some function or party, and i have to buy a shirt, shoes, pants/skirt for under 20 dollars and get ready on the bus. so the makeup bag stays.
4. ditto for the toiletries bag. well, maybe i can get rid of the after-wax oil bottle.
5. keys. there are several keys, one that used to open the door of my previous office, two for my friend’s apartment, three of my own, three for my current office, and two unidentified ones. I honestly have no idea where they came from. but i do not want to throw them out, just in case there is a door in my future i cannot open. and the dirty bear keychain stays as well.
6.i always keep two books in my bag. one usually ends before my commute and i hate not having anything else to do.
7. i have a date book, despite the fact that i keep all my appointments in my bberry and which i never use. but it is cute and it holds all my other receipts and business cards. perhaps i can use it a bit longer.
8. wallet. i have one, the only thing i ever shoplifted in my life (what, like you have never done it?). however, i am very afraid that somebody will steal it one day, so i never keep my money or my credit cards in it. that is why i am one of those annoying customers, always plopping their bags on the counter and rummaging for their cards, while the faces in the long queue change color from red to purple. I also have a hard time finding my metrocard, which makes me buy several cards on the same day, only to find them a month later stuck inside a book, or snuggled in my wallet. go figure.
9. i need my cheap notebook and marketing materials because they are the tools of my trade.
10. the sparkle is dumped into the garbage bag.
11. i need both my cell phones. shoot.
12. i put the charger in the desk drawer. who knows, maybe i’ll find a use for it one day.
13. i eat the plum and the banana. my friend gives me an apple which i do not want, but i put it in the bag anyway.
14. threw away the printouts, but saw two interesiting articles i want to read. printed them out and put them in the bag.
15. how come my rent is past due? i even write a reminder in my date book.
16 my cardholder is shiny and sleek and it makes me feel like a pretentious bully when i flip it out. but it makes it easier to find the cards when i need them.
17. subway maps? nah, i do not need them. i throw them out.
that’s it. i am done and happy about it. can’t say the weight has changed much, but at least it looks much nicer now.
on my way out, i look at the address i am going to and do not know how to get there. shoot. i need a subway map. didn’t i have one just a minute ago? ah yes, the cleaning. oh well, i’ll just pick up a new one at the stop.


8 thoughts on “Musings on my bag (or a belated tag from Eni)

  1. thanks for this post eventhough it’s a belated one:)
    i sympathize you on the pennies.
    you crack me up with the “after-wax oil for some reason” thing:p
    and i should say that i love big, “babaxhane” bags:)
    but we want pics as well:)

  2. Hehe, funny B. E imja është si vrimë e zezë; po fute ndonjë gjë brënda zor se e gjen më…mbase i është shqepur astari…: )

  3. canta jote qenka si miniere ari, sa me shume te germosh aq me shume gjera gjen brenda 🙂 nderkohe, canta ime qe perdor keto dite eshte bere tamam si vrime e zeze sic thote Aklli, edhe astari eshte shqepur, por s’me behet qe ta hedh poshte, it’s one of my favorite cheap bags from china town 🙂

  4. yeah, universi po përpiqet të na thotë: mos e kërkoni vrimën e zezë në Gjenevë, se e keni në çantën tuaj. 😀

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