i need to fight

i am truly in a very dirty mood tonight. it is a full moon and i need somebody to beat up. i mean i need to turn somebody or something into pulp. i need to make them count their own teeth and then put them against their black and blue skin. i feel like one of those anime werewolves with red eyes who are out for “bloooooodddd”. and then blue “poufff” “purple “bum, bum” red “Grraahh” and black “brrrdaww”.

sometimes i do get these feelings. and especially when it is around a full moon, i do get ready for a big showdown, something worth getting red over. and yes, i got it this time. my nemesis in this case is a short mousy haired woman, with severe psychological issues. and she deserves a good thrashing.

i do not know what got me about that woman. maybe because she was not right. maybe because she came over with the explicit aim to abuse the receptionist (me). maybe because she insulted my customer service skills. now anyone can say what they want about my cooking but they do not touch my customer service skills.

or maybe it was because she was completely off her rocker. or maybe recognising that one day i may end up like her. now that i think back on it, perhaps i should not have gotten so worked up over her. but some people do rub me the wrong way, and she rubbed me in the worst way possible (pun not intended).

i am aware this woman has problems. and that on an intellectual level, i do recognise the need to distance myself, to not fall to that level, to actually work to make her as docile as a lamb, which would have been the real victory. it is not the first time i have tamed people. but i had absolutely no desire to do that. so i do not know who showed who, but she went away without getting what she wanted, i ended up with a headache and a reputation for hysterics.

ah well, i think i should take up kickboxing.


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