the prostitute (warning!!! sensitivity offender)

The car stopped at her feet and she got in it quickly, almost as if she did not want to be seen. She was surprised to feel a bit of shame still, even after six months into this thing. The quick entry hiked her skirt almost to her waist, exposing her thighs in the process and she unthinkingly tried to fix it.

-Don’t! – The driver said and put his hand on hers. – The skirt is fine where it is.

She left it like that and stared straight ahead fully conscious of his hand rubbing her thigh. She did not know why it was irritating her so much today. It was not the first time he had rubbed her thigh, or palmed her breasts while he drove to the little abandoned parking lot. It was usually like this. He picked her up, he drove her to the parking lot, they had sex and he dropped her off either at the same place or at a bus stop nearby. She’d tried conversation before but had found out that no matter what she said, she only got a grunt back if it was not related to sex. And if she tried after they were finished, he would be too sleepy or too pressed for time to talk to her.

Today too he kept pinching her nipples, which she had to admit, made her wet immediately and sort of muddled her mind.

She had no illusions about why she was in that car. She was completely aware of what he expected from her, and she was fully bent on giving him that. It was just that, well, it would be nice to pretend that that was not all there was to it, and that he possibly had other reasons to meet apart from sex. She did not like that the truth was dancing naked in front of her, just as his, um, private thingy would be in one, two, three, four, five…and go. Yep, there it was, bouncing and winking its only eye expectantly, begging for her mouth. It needed her warmth, the release that she could give, and the sweetness of her already salivating mouth.

She stayed where she was, looking at it. He waited, then took the initiative and kissed her on the mouth while his hand stopped molesting her chest and went on to rub her neck. She kissed him back fully and with tongue, but otherwise kept her hands relaxed on her sides. They went on kissing for a while until he realized nothing else was going to happen and broke the kiss.



-Are we going to do this or not?

She knew that it was she who had to do it. He normally liked to relax and enjoy for about two intensive minutes.

-Sure – she said –I’ll take care of you just as soon as you take care of me.

-What do you mean? – he asked. –Oh you want me to go down on…

-That will actually cost you extra. A straight BJ costs $30, full sex $55 for first 30 minutes, and then $30 for every extra half hour. And I have to get paid before hand so…

He could not speak for a while. Then he took a deep breath, took her hand off her shoulder and turned to her.

 What on earth are you talking about/

 My fee – she explained patiently – I have to have it beforehand.

Silence filled the car. Then he tried once more, palming her breast and talking to it, sort of cute, sort of funny ha-ha.

Are you actually charging me for sex?

Shouldn’t I?

– I am truly thrown off by all this. What are you trying to say?

 You want to have sex, right? 


 Then pay me my fee so we can get started.

He started laughing but she was not laughing with him so he stopped.

You are serious, aren’t you?

Of course I am.

  So what, you’re a hooker now? How come you have not told me before?

Because I only confirmed it today that to you, I am indeed a hooker. And since you only require those types of services from me so I might as well charge for them. I assure you the prices are reasonable. I asked around.

Oh come on, is that what this is about? Honey, you know my situation, and you know that I can do nothing about it. You know I rush to meet you at every little possibility. And I spend as much time with you as I can.

– Well, first you do not spend time with me. We meet, you have sex with me in the car, you drop me off to the nearest stop and you leave. And that is it.

– Whoa, it is not like I do this alone, you know. You want to do it too.

-I do, but that is only part of what I want, what I am. Besides you are rushing so much, you don’t even think about me. It is all about getting you off. You might as well get a prostitute. And since I am doing the job already, I might as well get paid for it.

Suddenly he remembered he had his pants open, so he zipped them up and stared at the graffiti on the wall. She stared at it too, realizing for the first time that the letters looked like genitals tangled together. She felt a shiver and closed her legs firmly. Nope, none of that tonight. She had decided.

-I had no idea…-he murmured- you never said you felt so bad.

I don’t feel bad. I just judge that if it is only sex for yourself you are after, the least you can do is pay me for the time and energy every session. And you know it will be money well spent.

Never doubted it for a second. – he murmured and took out his wallet. He had to have her, now.

-How much for your inclusive packet?

 $500 – She  promptly replied and extended her palm.

He did not have that much in his wallet so she made him drive to an ATM and give her the money. Then, and only then, she removed her clothes and he was able to get all the services he had paid for and maybe a freebie she felt it was appropriate to reward him with. It was always a good idea to toss freebies at customers because it made them come back. Boyfriends were a different story.

Later on, she took a taxi home and ordered dinner from the Thai restaurant around the corner. 



6 thoughts on “the prostitute (warning!!! sensitivity offender)

  1. thanks avocados! (mos me mbaj me hater se as une s’te mbajta) 😉

    its is that it? no thoughts as to the nearests ATM?

  2. Blete, ti s’ke nevoje per hatrin tim. po te rremosh arkiven tende do gjesh edhe ndonje koment tjeter krejt te pandikuar 🙂 prej meje. meqe jemi ketu, po te rrefej se pergjithesisht letersia me prostituta me le indiferente, sepse me duket i pamerituar vendi qe kane zene deri tani. me kete ndjesi, drejt me thene, nisa ta lexoja…mirepo, kjo eshte krejt tjeter. provokon jo vetem origjinen e fenomenit, por sjell nje lloj konfuzioni ne lidhje me sistemin moral te relationshipeve sot. pra, pertoja ti thoja keto ate dite, dhe te thashe ate me te thjeshten e me te dukshmen, qe eshte shkruar shume bukur( si rrefim, shume shkurt dhe shume provokativ. krejt cka duhet te kete nje letersi e selitur, gjithnje sipas mendimit tim…

    e zgjata po skam cbej, “akuzes” duhet me i dale perballe se ferrave gerricesh me keq
    ciao blete
    ti shkruaj- une lexoj 🙂

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