Albanian Women Exposed. The Aftermath.

well, the big day came and went. we pulled it off, people!  Albanian Women Exposed was a big hit. and I looked absolutely smashing of course. lol.

we did get a humongous amount of people, to which I am deeply in debt and will repay as soon as possible. old and new faces surfaced, performed, got drunk, and appreciated art at the Producers Club in NY which was incredibly busy to tell you the truth. I had hoped we were going to have the whole place to ourselves, but business is business i guess.

Anyway, Keidi and crew came from Toronto looking fab-u-lo-so, the Spiro Clan showed in full force, and the Alikaj-related entourage was swinging with the good times. Of course Murataj families were the stars of the evening especially their most talented member (you know who I am talking about and no, it is not Andi). Miss Shehaj and miss Amet were simply divine, and the Ciftja couple was gorgeous. oh me like, me like. Eni and Mimoza we missed you too much for words. and the Albanian Women Exposed by heart, Pirra family-i love you all, especially the spice.

Deep thanks to the performers and good friends of my good friends: Linda Zoraqi who wore an Albanian costume for me; Arberie and Ernest (i am now officially your drooler); Fatrin Krajka (why you got to be gorgeous AND talented? world is not fair); Luan Bexheti (brave brave man) and John Skreli (you rock youtube even without the H), Elza Zagreda (Blond Brainy Beauty, don’t forget to catch her show on September 25.); Dhimitri and Lori Ismailaj (could there be more talent in the room?) and friends and friends and friends… You were all hot.

especially Lenny Gega. you had me as soon as you insisted on paying your entrance fee. i will hug you any time i see you even if you get a restraining order. 😉 true class, people, true class.

linda lovely linda, thank you for coming and giving me your fab smile. we’ll make an albanian of you yet.

Lovely Albanian press people showed too and I hope we’ll get good reviews. if we don’t, i ain’t sleeping with you. if we do… well, i ain’t sleeping with you either but i will be extra grateful. especially if you spell my name right.

The photos were very appreciated, critiqued, rotated, wetted, ncuq-ed and oh-ah-ed over. we managed to get all pictures named before the show (well actually, all I did was put on makeup, but i am sure my presence, especially the top i had on, inspired people). so it was a success. i apologize to all the people expecting tits and breakings of cultural barriers. our aim was to have a cultural soiree. mission accomplished

afterwards, we went to Desare where Aurela Gace was singing, Elton Deda was accompanying her, and a whole slew of NAAC people were playing important, and we had more fun. Aurela was of course magnificent. the night ended strangely enough with my shoes of at Two Stars in the Bronx, arguing with a couple of friends over tea and pleskavica. go figure.

and now that i am done with lip service, the dirty stuff:

1. ex-crush was there with new gf, and old gf showed up too. we braced for battle but everybody was exceptionally well behaved. and no, i do not have the crush anymore.

2. feuding brother and bf of friend both showed. who wins, who does not?

2. just-engaged couple was cute but obnoxious. well that’s it, my kids will never marry their kids.

3. a pox to all those that did not show up to support us. no matter if their cat had died, wifey’s water broke, miss Kosova wanted a hot date, or their 401k was invested with the Lehman brothers, they should have come. (i will remember who you are, come Christmas, Channukah and Ramadan. oh yes, lunar New Year too).

4.@ you-know-who-you-are, never ever start your stand-up act with black jokes. it just kills the mood even if albanians are white. and never give up, because we are not as tough to crack as you think.

5. a bucket is always handy for a leaking air conditioner. thankfully the pictures were not harmed, but the floor was.

there were several more things but i forgot them. please feel free to add your own.


14 thoughts on “Albanian Women Exposed. The Aftermath.

  1. a soiree isn’t cultural without the Pira family alright, but it’s quite jarring to see your misspelling of the family name. was it intentional, was it not? and if you intended an r for each, maybe you should’ve added a third or a fourth.

  2. Hey girl thanks for this cute “aftermath post” which is as always pulverized with your crisp humour;)
    Yes i so very much wanted to join you girls,but you can be sure i have been thinking so much of you that i bet one of you was drowned under hiccup crisis;)
    congrats on your work..and i have to say you looked so lovely.
    Alida did too;)

  3. Two names. Eni Turkeshi and Gjon Shkreli. The first because I thought it captured to the most illustrative detail the curatorial concept as authorized by a male, but especially the second, for the surprising effect of genuine and pure laughter. The rest, simply background.

  4. Blerte e dashur me duket se ke harruar dy personat qe bene gjithcka te mundshme Fredi dhe Ernest Tollja. Pa dasharmirsine, mikpritjen dhe profesinalizmin e ketyre te dyve as ekspozita juaj e as qejfi qe kam bere un ate nate nuk do kishte qen i mundur. Kot qe ike… qejfi eshte bere mbasi iken ekstrat dhe mbeten aktoret kryesore.

    Gjoni ishte patjeter nje nga te vetmit ekstra qe me nje performance te shkelqyer arriti te luaj rol kryesor ne nje nate shume te kendshme.

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