Albanian Art Calendar

well, Albanian art shows are on with a vengeance this fall. and there is some serious artwork and film there with interesting names and so forth. and surprisingly it is good art with barely any mother Theresas or Scanderbegs in the mix. not that i have anything against them, but it seems that the only way to prove one’s albanian-ness lately is to have an artwork dedicated to either mother Theresa, Scanderbeg, the doubleheaded eagle, even a ballist or two. and for one like me who grew up during the Enver period, it does bring back the good old times.

anyway, i am happy to see that the scene is rife with Albanian art life even if still in the algae stage.

and now without further ado:

1. Dhimitri screened his movie “” at the Producers Club. it is surprisingly good (for me anyway) despite all the melodrama and cliches. i do not think he has found his way still, but he is getting there. hopefully Sundance will see it my way too.

2. Art show of Alex Margjini (since when Alex?) Erion Xhelili dhe Arber Thano. good i say. I liked the paintings and the tits that were painted facing off with mother Theresa, separated by the Jonian sea. there was potential, and i hope the painters got the buyers they were waiting for. furthermore there was elucidating conversation, free drinks and ribs at Joe’s rib shack after. if there would be no storm, it would have been perfect.

3. art show organized by AAWO with the photos of Vasil Qesari and paintings of Fate Velaj who confused a helluva people expecting a gorgeous and elegant girl artiste and facing instead a very dapper Fatmir Velaj. well these things happen. unfortunately it was so hot that i barely saw a picture or three and concentrated on the wine and water instead. my big loss i am sure. wish both artists good luck even though they are well known and do not really need it.

4. Albanian Women Exposed . ok here you have to come people. no ifs or buts or what nots. it is our party, we need your support and you might even get to see a tit or two. and the booze is cheap. and i can read hands if the mood so strikes me. (check the pic in the other post for more info)

5. same night is the NAac dinner at Cipriani and an after show with Aurela Gace at Desire, a french restaurant owned by an albanian guy: (yes, ee i take the pate de imam bajalldi and two vin de berat please!) the 19th seems to be a very fashionable day. (were they listening behind our doors or sth?)

6. Elza Zagreda is coming back with “Divorce! Albanian Style” More power to this woman who can still make us laugh, even in the face of the violence such an event might bring. she is pretty, she is smart, she is very talented and her humor speaks a lot, especially now when an albanian woman lies on the hospital bed, knifed down by her crazy ex-husband. he did it in front of the kids. so come, laugh and evolve.

7. Colombus day parade with a heavy Albo accent. dunno why we albos love parades so much. but it promises to be fun. check it out on facebook or email this guy for more info.

more is coming. will keep you posted.


3 thoughts on “Albanian Art Calendar

  1. pardon all the mistakes and the tame descriptions. lately i have ben told that i am exceptionally sarcastic. and i am so bad with compliments, i had to give myself highlights before i could calm down.

  2. 😉
    you make me smile te drejte sa i perket pergjithesimit dhe perseritjes se disa motiveve qe artistat shqiptare perdorin.
    dhe flm per tere lajmerimet rreth ketyre organizimeve.shume interesant ky post.

    1 pyetje kam lal.kur do mund ti shohim fotot qe do marrin pjese ne albanian women exposed?duhet te dergojme ndonje info me shume per vete bthw?

    hugs dhe me krahe te lehta kete jave

  3. Per ca nga ne ai film do behet legjendar… nuk kalon dite pa i cituar ndonje fraze alla ” Ti je shume e ndershme per te qene kurve” sa kjo gati gati behet edhe pershendetja e rradhes me bashkvuajtesit.

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